Wataru Katsumoto (勝本 航 Katsumoto Wataru) is part of the Third Recon Team and acts as the .50 caliber machine gunner (anime). He is also trained in the operation of the Panzerfaust-3.


A child at heart, Katsumoto loves keeping the kids in the Alnus living community company and playing with them in his free time. He is usually very loud and energetic.


He appears to be a fairly well built man with the muscle to hold up a Panzerfaust-3 in a moving vehicle. 


Not much is known about his history


During the fight with the Flame Dragon he was responsible for firing the M2 Browning machine gun and the Panzerfaust-3 at the dragon. Katsumoto went on to serve along side the rest of the Third Recon Team as the operator of the M2 .50 machine gun. He was present during the Siege of Italica and all other major operations of the unit.

After the gate's closure most of the third recon team members have gone their separate ways, during a reunion at Furuta's restaurant it is revealed that Katsumoto confessed his love to a girl, only to be rejected.

Skills & Abilities

Basic Training: Like all JSDF personnel, Katsumoto has undergone basic physical and combat training. He is in good physical condition and a competent marksman.

Heavy Weapons Training: Katsumoto is trained in the use of the M2 Browning .50 caliber machine gun mounted on the Komatsu LAV, as well as the Panzerfaust-3 rocket launcher. During the fight with the Flame Dragon he was stationed on the .50 caliber machine gun and was responsible for suppressing fire on the Flame Dragon. He also fired a Panzarfaust-3 at the Flame Dragon, which originally missed until Rory moved the dragon in the direction of the stray rocket.


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