Hakone Incident


Liberation of Noriko Mochizuki

Skirmish at Akusho
Akusho skirmish



Akusho, Sadera, The Empire, Special Region


Overwhelming Japanese Victory

  • Downfall of the Bessara Crime Family
  • Cooperation of Crime lords of Akusho with JSDF.
  • Akusho falls under the control of the JSDF

Bessara family thugs

  • Flag of Japan.svg unknown


  • Six Special forces
  • Unknown amount of other JSDF personnel
  • At least several dozen thugs
  • JSDF: None

All Bessara's thugs.

Civilian casualties
  • Bessara's wife, daughter and maid in the aftermath

The Skirmish at Akusho was an incident that occurred after the Japan Self-Defense Forces established a small outpost in Akusho, a violent lower-class neighborhood in Sadera ruled by a coalition of criminal organizations, with the intent of using the outpost as a base for both humanitarian efforts and covert operations in the capital. One of the four main criminal organizations, the Bessara family, attempted to extort protection money from the JSDF, and arrived at the outpost with a large group of armed thugs, including several powerful humanoids armed with crossbows and maces.

The JSDF, however, had advanced warning of the attack where they had evacuated the local residents of the area and deployed six Special Forces Group operatives to guard the outpost. When the gang arrived at the hideout, the SFG opened fire, cutting down the thugs in a hail of automatic weapons fire. Bessara was able to retreat safely but was killed by the thugs sent by the other three families. Thus, the Bessara family was wiped out.

After this display of force, the other three main criminal families of Akusho were quick to cooperate with the JSDF, providing a new source of intelligence on that state of affair in the Imperial Capital. This also makes the JSDF becomes the true authority in the Akusho.

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