The Gate Season 2 poster, featuring Itami, Rory, Lelei, and Tuka standing on the rim of Roldom Canyon.

Roldom Canyon, also translated as Roldom Valley, is a large canyon located on slopes of the Tuba Mountains, created by an unspecified river. The canyon itself is northeast-southwest trending, with steep walls and surrounding terrain making it accessible only by foot. While it is technically located within the borders of Elbe, the canyon's rugged, inaccessible nature means that it is actually controlled by a de-facto independent band of dark elves.


After the Flame Dragon Attack on Schwarz Forest, the dark elves were forced to flee to the relative safety of a cave in the canyon. It is from this point onward that the dark elves' elders sends Yao Ro Dushi to gain the aid of the Japan Self-Defense Forces in slaying the creature. Yao is only successful in gaining the help of Youji Itami, who travels to the canyon with Tuka Luna Marceau, Rory Mercury, and Lelei La Lalena accompanying him.

After a short engagement with the dragon, Itami succeeds in driving it off with a Panzerfaust-3 rocket. Then, Itami gives the dark elves some basic training in using the remaining rocket launchers before traveling to Mount Tube where the dragon's nest can be found. The ensuing engagement cost the lives of all of the dark elves except for Yao but the Flame Dragon is slain, and two of its offspring are ultimately killed by the JSDF upon their arrival while Giselle escaped from the scene.

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