Reiko Shirayuri (白百合 玲子 Shirayuri Reiko) is Prime Minister Motoi Shinzō's aide and later becomes Senior Vice Minister for Problem Measures regarding the Special Region under Prime Minister Morita. She has a son who frequently watches anime.


As Prime Minister's aide Shirayuri is a very polite woman, and she seems to be very friendly. Like her co-workers, she believes diplomats should only move according to the national interests of their country. However, she does not disprove in how one should have a sense of solicitude for others where she was not upset in how Sugawara chose to save Sherry Tyueli, despite in how he was order to not save anyone from the Empire’s pro-peace faction.


Shirayuri is a woman in her late 40's, she has short black hair and red lipstick. She wears formal white suit with matching shirt.



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