Mt. tube

Mount Tube is the highest point in the Tuba Mountains, located in the Schwarz Forest, in the territory of the dark elves, though the area may be claimed by Elbe as well. The mountain is almost perfectly conical, with with a broad crater in the center. The top of the mountain is covered in snow, and much of the mountain in above the tree line, and is practically devoid of vegetation, suggest the mountain has a very high elevation.


Mount Tube appears to be a stratovolcano similar to Mt. Fuji or Mt. St. Helens on Earth, typified by a tall, steep-sided cone. Based on this, it may be speculated that the volcano would be composed of layers of ash and harden lava flows, and capable of both explosive and effusive (lava flow) eruptions. The mountain is known to have sulfur deposits near the summit, which are used by the dark elves for fumigating fruit.


After it was wounded in the Attack on the Coda Convoy, the Flame Dragon fled to Mt. Tube, where it made its nest. From there, the dragon attacked elvish settlements in the Schwarz Forest area, prompting elvish leaders to seek the help of the Japan Self-Defense Forces in slaying the dragon. The JSDF were initially unable to respond until they gained the permission to enter Elbe from King Duran. In the mean time, Yōji Itami left on his own along with Rory Mercury, Tuka Luna Marceau, Lelei La Lalena, and Yao Haa Dushi, armed with a large amount of C-4 and ten Panzerfaust-3s to slay the dragon himself. The plan did not go according to plan, as the dragon returned just as the C-4 was set, leading to a battle between the dragon and Itami's party. The dragon was eventually killed by the explosive, which were triggered by Tuka's magic, however, almost all of the dark elves were killed. Itami and the rest of his party were themselves nearly killed by Giselle and two offspring of the dragon, were not for the timely intervention of the JSDF.

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