Morita (森田 Morita) is a Prime Minister of Japan, and the successor Motoi Shinzō. He is forced to resign from his post due to his cowardice decisions during Operation Jade Wall.


Not much is know about his personality, however he is known to be an ambitious man, as seen with his determination to become Prime Minister. In fitting with his ambitious personality, Morita places great consideration into preserving his image in the face of the media and the international community, even more so after he is elected prime minister. He is extremely reluctant to authorize any major Japan Self-Defense Forces operations during the week in which the media and foreign diplomats were to visit the Special Region, for fear of making it look like the JSDF does not have the region stabilized. It is only after much debate with Defense Minister Kanou, as well as a warning that a large force of Imperial Army troops were advancing on the Jade Palace that Morita finally authorizes a mission to rescue the JSDF diplomats trapped inside.

Morita is also known to frequently say "I know, I know" each time he made a mistake.


Morita is a slim man, he has black hair which is balding, he usually wears his thick rimmed glasses and a formal suit.


He was one of the candidates along with Kanō Tarō and Aramaki to replace Motoi Shinzō as the next Prime Minister. Along the three candidates he has a faction within the party supporting him, because of this he is seen as the strongest candidate.


Morita succeeds minister Shinzo as Prime Minister after the latter's resignation after the Hakone Incident. During the Siege of the Jade Palace, Motoi is very reluctant to send JSDF forces to intervene, for fear of damaging his reputation in the face of the media and international community. It is only when the diplomats at the palace are in imminent danger of being overrun is Defense Minister Kanō Tarō finally authorized to take action.

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