The Rondel Magic Academy is the main center for education and training in magic in the Special Region. While magic is generally viewed as unstable and difficult to use for practical or military applications, the academy nonetheless has a large number of master sorcerers who seek to further the understanding of magic and find different uses for it. The academy itself is spread out between several structures, with major buildings including the meeting hall, a large, stadium-like structure used for presentations, as well as a research building, which is isolated from the rest of the academy due to the frequent accidents.

Those who wish to study magic study would seek out a master, typically at the academy itself. Some, like Lelei La Lalena, choose to become apprentices to masters living elsewhere, such as Cato El Altestan in Coda. The most skilled sorcerers may reach the rank of master themselves by making a significant contribution to magic. Aspiring masters wear a unique set of white robes prior to making their presentation. If the presentation is met with disapproval, the judging masters will throw ink or oil at the presenters, staining their robes black. The aspiring masters must continue to wear these robes for as long as they continue to study at the academy, as a reminder of their failure.

According to Episode 19 of the anime and Chapter 54 of the Manga, it is mandatory to learn defensive magic first thing in the Lindon Magic Academy.


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