Lady is an Imperial noble woman who has deep grudge for Bozes Co Palesti family. She is responsible for sabotaging Lelei's attempt to recreate the Gate that connects back to Japan.

She is also tries to challenge Pina's authority over the rule of the reconstituted Empire. It is revealed she is Pina's cousin and Molt's niece. Like the rest of the family, she thinks lowly of Zorzal and she calls him a brainless moron who tries to make himself looks righteous.

After her scheme to sabotage the Gate failed, she was exiled by Molt to marry a king in a faraway land, which is assumed to be in the Avion Sea.

It is revealed that her sabotage caused the gap in the timeline between Special Region and Japan in which the passing of one and a half year in Special Region equal to the passing of 4 years in Japan.


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