Jade Palace
The Jade Palace
The Jade Palace
Vital statistics
Type Political Building
Level Unknown
Location Imperial Capital
Inhabitants Japanese Diplomats

Rose-Order of Knights (Outskirts)

Interior of Jade Palace as Rose knight wounded are brought in. Manga Chapter 65.

The Jade Palace is a structure in the Imperial capital of Sadera. After the Japanese-Empire War, the building has been specified by a treaty as the location of the Japanese embassy within the Empire. As is the norm with embassies on Earth, the Jade Palace is technically considered an enclave of Japanese territory in the empire. While the exact position of the building is not stated, a view of the center of Sadera in the distance suggests it is located somewhere outside of the city.

The building itself, as its name suggests, is easily recognized by the green-painted roof, as well as the lighter green trim along the walls. The palace is constructed with two large, two-story wings around a central atrium covered by a large domed roof. The roofs of each wing contain two smaller domes.

While most of the relatively few Japan Self-Defense Forces personnel are stationed at a low-profile outpost in the slums of Akusho, the Jade Palace houses mostly civilian diplomats, including Kōji Sugawara and Reiko Shirayuri. It is unclear how many, if any JSDF or other Japanese security personnel are actually present at the palace. The main guard contingent are Imperials equipped with swords, polearms, and other weapons typical of the Special Region.


Jade Palace after the battle Manga chapter 78 page 19.

The Jade Palace was blockaded by the Imperial Army after Zorzal El Caesar's Coup, along with the Akusho district. During the coup, Sherry Tyueli and Marquis Casel attempted to seek shelter from the Oprichnina in the palace. While they were not initially granted asylum, Kouji Suguwara managed to get the Imperials guarding the palace to grant her admission by claiming she is his bride-to-be, at the expense of causing Sherry to become even more enamored with him.

The Oprichnina attempted to force entry, but were met by the Rose-Order of Knights, who blocked their entry. After being refused entry, the Oprichnina attacked and attempted to force their way in.

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