Vital statistics
Type City
Level Border city (formerly)

Mid-sized marketplace (currently)

Location see map
Inhabitants Empire citizens
Italica (イタリカ Itarika) is a trading town that developed on the crossroads of Appia Highway and Dessria Highway, where it was one of the Empire’s most important agricultural areas, and is governed by Countess Formal.

The security within the territory was maintained by the vassals of Count Formal and the soldiers of Count Roen and Count Missna, so there wasn’t any threat to the livelihood of the merchants and residents. The value of Italica lay with its trade, there would be nothing to gain if it was laid to waste.


Italica seiged

Italica under siege

Italica anime

The city of Italica as depicted in the anime adaptation.

When the former head of Clan Formal died suddenly from participating in the ill-fated battle of Ginza, leaving an 11 years old Myui as the head of the clan, her two older sisters Elle and Loui began competing over who would eventually become her guardian to the point of starting a small scale war between Count Roen and Missna. The dispute of the sisters shifted into the courts of the capital, and Myui’s guardian would soon be decided by the deliberation of the Emperor. Due to Clan Formal, Roen and Missna majority of soldiers as well as their heads of clan were butchered in Ginza by the JSDF, Elle and Louise couldn’t spare the effort to take care of the Formal territory anymore and withdrew their forces, leaving Myui with the vassals of Count Forma, which results in the increase of crime in Italica and worsening public safety due to the lack of manpower. The young Myui couldn’t control her vassals and the running of the territory became ineffective from neglect. There weren’t many loyal vassals left, but there were plenty who had ulterior motives. Before she realized it, corruption and injustice were running rampant.

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By the time Itami and the Third Recon Team arrived, the city was under siege by a group of bandits made up mostly of Imperial Army deserters who took advantage of the power vacuum following the Imperial's crushing defeat at the Battle of Alnus Hill. The city was only saved from being overrun by the timely intervention of the JSDF, Third Recon Team and 4th Combat Unit.

Later, as Italica had made a positive increase in its relationship with the JSDF, Italica had prospered from its trade with Alnus.

It later served as a refuge for the pro-peace senators, who were imprisoned by Zorzal's Oprichnina SF, as well as the later rescued Piña Co Lada and Molt Sol Augustus.


  • Italica is named after an ancient Roman town in what is now Spain. It was founded by the Roman general Scipio for the Roman veterans to settle after their victory in the Second Punic War against Carthage. Italica would later be the birthplace of two future Roman emperors, Trajan and Hadrian.
  • Italica was the Name of three Roman Legions which operated between the 1st to the 5th Century.
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