Hayato Sasagawa (笹川 隼人 Sasagawa Hayato) is a photographer and member of the Third Recon Team and serves as the LAV's .50 caliber machine gunner (in novel).





Sasagawa served with the Third Recon Team, and was present at the Attack on the Coda Convoy, the Siege of Italica, and all other operations the unit was involved in. Sasagawa tried to submit his photos of Persia and the other humanoid maids to the monthly MU, a UFO magazine, but they were rejected.

Four years after the closure of the gate, most of third recon have gone their own ways, during a reunion at Furuta's new restaurant, it is mentioned that Sasagawa left the JSDF to help his father with his carpentering job.

Skills & Abilities

Basic Training: Like all JSDF personnel, Sasagawa has undergone basic physical and combat training, he is in good physical condition and a competent marksman.



  • The name Hayato means "falcon" (隼) (haya) and "person" (人) (to).
  • Hayato's surname "bamboo grass" (笹) (sasa) and "river, stream" (川) (kawa/gawa).


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  • Publications of Sasagawa's photos in Japanese books sold to natives has caused problems see SPREAD at right.


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