Graham Morris is CIA opperative and a minor antagonist in Gate. He attemps in kidnapping Piña Co Lada.




At the time of the Empire's attempted invasion of Japan, Graham Morris was the head of the CIA Far East Division. Under the orders of his President, he was dispatched to Tokyo and put in charge of the operation to kidnap Imperial princess Piña Co Lada, Rory Mercury, Bozes Co Palesti, Lelei La Lelena and Tuka Luna Marceau - who were visting Japan to meet several high-level dignitaries - and transport them to the United States for intelligent interrogation.

However, what was supposed to be a swift and clean operation, thanks to the intelligence provided by a possible Japanese informant, turned into a fiasco when the information was also leaked to the Chinese and Russians. Under similar intentions, the other super powers decided to kidnap the guests for themselves as well; a decision which culminated in an inadvertend clash between three different Special Ops teams at a JSDF-administrated onsen in Hakone, where the Special Region guests were residing for a night. The operatives all ended up dead, either by shooting each other or by being killed by Rory Mercury as she emerged to participate in the battle.

With his last remaining agents, Morris staged a last gambit to intercept and kidnap the visitors right in front of the Ginza Gate on the very next day, as did the agents of China and Russia. However, after the attempt at Hakone, one of the visitors' escorts used the Internet to summon every available fan of Rory, Tuka and Lelei to the Gate's location, foiling the operatives' attempt at a quick snatch-and-grab. Additionally, Japanese Intelligence was aware of this possible attempt, and their director, Hideyo Komakado, used the cover of the crowd to surreptitiously arrest most of the agents present. One of the visitors' escort, Shino Kuribayashi, also encountered her newscasting sister Namani and her team on site, and promptly used the opportunity to publicly denounce the super powers for their kidnapping attempts. Thus exposed, the remaining agents, including Morris, were recalled and the mission (for this time at least) scrapped.



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