Ginza (銀座 Ginza) is a district of the Chuo Ward in Tokyo. The area is renowned around the world as an upscale shopping district popular with locals and tourists alike, and is known for its high-end department stores, boutiques, restaurants, and coffee shops.

In 20xx, a gate to another world appeared in the Ginza district, through which came a large Imperial Army force consisting of human and goblin soldiers armed with medieval weaponry, including infantry, cavalry, archers, siege engines, and even dragon riders. These invaders killed a few hundred civilians, however many more survived thanks to the quick thinking of off-duty JSDF officer Yōji Itami, who took command of the police and coordinated the evacuation of survivors to the Japanese Imperial Palace, where they holed up, defended by the police forces using handguns, submachine guns, and riot shields.

The Tokyo Police held the Imperial Army at bay until Japan Self-Defense Forces arrived and routed the hopelessly technologically outmatched Imperials. The engagement, which would become known as the Battle of Ginza prompted the Japanese Diet to order the JSDF through the Gate, launching a counterattack into the Special Region.

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