Crety is a city located south of the Romalia Mountains and east of the Rho River. The region has a semi-arid to arid climate, being located on the fringes of the western deserts. The city appears to be of substantial size and surrounded by a large city wall, suggesting it is at least the size of Italica.


The city has recently suffered an epidemic of a disease carried by windborne sand. Female members of the population seem to be the only ones susceptible to the worst symptoms and suffer from a 50% morbidity (sickness) rate in the city. Of those 50%, a 70% mortality rate would follow. The illness appears to be contracted by inhaled sand and onset of symptoms is very sudden, as seen when Lelei La Lalena suddenly collapses after contracting the illness.

The symptoms include high fever and inflammation of the throat and lungs. Due to the lack of modern anti-inflammatory medications, Yōji Itami was forced to visit the Arrun Labyrinth, a former garden now inhabited by dangerous creatures such as cockatrices and minotaurs, to find a medicinal plant in the Special Region with anti-inflammatory properties called the Rokude pear. If the disease results in fatality, the victim will be reanimated in a "zombie"-like state and proceed to attack those who are not infected.

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