Vital statistics
Type Village
Level Unknown
Location Northeast of Alnus
see map below.
Inhabitants Human
Coda Village from Anime episode 2

Coda Village as seen on Anime Episode 2.

Coda Village manga Chapter 3 page 19

Coda Village Manga version Chapter 3

MAP 31 5

Map showing Coda [Koda on map] Village West of Alnus.

Coda (コーダ Kōda) was a village near Alnus with a population of about 600 people. The villagers were evacuated by the Third Recon Team under the leadership of Yōji Itami when the Flame Dragon began attacking settlements ever since its premature awakening staged by Giselle.

Its most notable residents were Cato and Lelei. A quarter of the villagers, 150 in number, were killed when the Flame Dragon attacked the wagon train, and while most of the survivors left to nearby settlements to restart their lives, a handful of the injured, children, and elderly were later moved to the JSDF base at Alnus as refugees.

During the Imperial Civil War, Zorzal's force decimates the village but Rory Mercury and Itami's group come in time and save the village.

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