Battle of Mare

Imperial Civil War


Legitimate Imperial Government and JSDF victory

  • Fortress Mare falls into the hand of the Loyalist
  • JSDF: None
  • Loyalist: Medium


The Battle of Mare is one of many battle conducts by JSDF to mop up Zorzal's force in order to open the gateway for Legitimate Government to the Capital of Sadera. The objective of the battle is to capture the Mare fortress.

After throwing the defenders into confusion with rocket attacks, the combat helicopters swooped in over their heads, bypassing the fortress walls and gates, and then they suddenly dropped soldiers onto the spires in the depths of the fortress.

After a short and swift battle with Zorzal's force, the Mare fortress falls into the hand of JSDF.


An easy win for JSDF when they didn't suffer any damage. However, it was soon noticed that the number of defenders was less than expected. It was later explained that most of the Imperial troops were drawn out and set up defenses in other locations around the Marais.

The JSDF and allied forces then continued to move to Fort Fyue. While on the move, they were ambushed by Podawan and the Wyvern corps under his command.

"“Of course, our troops are fighting fiercely to weaken the enemy’s fighting power. We have reinforced Mare with infantry and Fyue with Wyvern cavalry to meet the attack. However, we are the main force. Once the enemy grows overconfident and advances too deeply into our territory, it will be our turn to fight." — Helm Fule Maio deliberately lied to the pro-war senators about reinforcing Mare with reinforcement and the great fighting spirit of the Imperial army, while in reality the fortress had lost and thousands of Imperial troops were butchered by the JSDF, in order to trick them into meat shield in the Battle of Marais, depicted in Light novel, volume 8 chapter 9.

The loss of the fortress also caused Zorzal and Helm Fule Maio to intentionally lie to all pro-war senators and generals in order to conduct their desperate and final attack the Loyalist in Italica to win the hopeless war.

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