Attack on the Coda Convoy


Battle of The Dragon's Nest

Attack on Schwarz Forest
Schwarz dragon

20xx/ 687 Imperial Calender


Schwarz Forest, Special Region, Japan

  • Elvish population of Schwarz Forest decimated

Flame Dragon

Dark elves


Flame Dragon

  • unknown village leader

Flame Dragon

  • Unknown number of elves


220 dark Elves

Civilian casualties


After the Flame Dragon lost one of its forelegs during the Attack on the Coda Convoy, it retreated to the south, crossing the territory of Elbe and making its next attack on the dark elves living in Schwarz Forest. The main elvish village in the forest was destroyed, with 220 dead. The small number of the survivors fled into the mountains, hiding in caves from the dragon.

Several warriors from the dark elves set out for the dragon's nest in an attempt to slay it, but none returned, instead being overwhelmed by the dragon's massive strength. Lacking any other option, the elvish leaders sent Yao Ha Dushi to Alnus with their most valuable treasure- a gemstone worth as much as a small fiefdom, with instructions to use it, and if necessary, her body to buy the support of the Japan Self-Defense Forces in destroying the dragon.

However, upon her arrival, Yao is told by General Kouichirou Hazama that he cannot send aid as it would violate the borders of the Kingdom of Elbe. Yao is initially distraught, but quickly hears of one last ray of hope, Yōji Itami, a JSDF officer who might just attempt to save her people, even in defiance of orders not to. Yao is successful at convincing Itami to aid her, as he believed it might break Tuka's delusions that he is her father, and Itami and Yao, along with Lelei La Lalena, Rory Mercury, and Tuka Luna Marceau set out for Schwarz Forest, armed with stolen weapons including ten Panzerfaust-3s and a large amount of C-4 plastic explosives.

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