Battle of Mount Tube


Zorzal El Caesar's Coup

Assassination of Molt Sol Augustus
Emperor assassination

Japanese-Empire War and Imperial Civil War


20xx/ 687 Imperial Calender


Sadera, The Empire, Special Region

  • Molt Sol Augustus poisoned, severely ill
  • Tyuule
  • Three Haryo tribe elite members: Ukushi, Kakushi and Korume



After the Battle of Mount Tube, the head of the Flame Dragon was severed and covertly transported by helicopter to the main gates of Sadera by Special Forces Group personnel aided by two dark elves, who silenced the helicopter using wind magic. The severed head was collected by the Imperials and wheeled through the streets as part of a triumphal parade, as part of a celebration of both the dragon's death and Imperial peace talks with Japan.

Before the celebration ceremony,


While the city celebrated, Zorzal El Caesar and a group of disgraced Imperial officers, recently liberated POWs from the Battle of Ginza, plotted to sabotage the peace talks led by Emperor Molt Sol Augustus and lead the Empire back into the futile war with Japan as these officers want to avenge their pathetic personal honors from being captured by the JSDF and learn nothing from their encounter with the JSDF.

Meanwhile, Tyuule, plots to assassinate Molt Sol Augustus and have Zorzal ascend to the throne and reignite the conflict with Japan. The assassination was part of Tyuule's continued plot to drive Japan to continue the war and destroy the Empire as revenge for her people. Unlike Zorzal, who still foolishly believed the Empire could win against Japan, Tyuule knew full well that the Empire was hopelessly outgunned, and that total war could only end in the fall of the Empire.

To carry out her plan she hired Bouro and his Haryo tribe, a group of assassins and spies from different species, to slip a poison into the emperor's wine goblet. When the emperor took a drink, he collapsed to the floor and appears to die within a second, however, it is later confirmed that he survives, but is severely ill.


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