Akira Tomita (富田 章, Tomita Akira) is a member of Japan Self-Defense Forces and is part of Yōji Itami's Third Recon Team. He works as JSDF dog handler and skydiving instructor. He later married Bozes Co Palesti and the two have a daughter.


Described as diligently calm, cool-headed, and collected. He is not skittish or easily scared, shown by his ability to function efficiently in the face of the enemy.


Akira is a sturdy young man with broad shoulders and short spiky black hair.


He studied astronomy through university distance learning courses and has both the ranger and airborne emblem.


Tomita Akira is a Sergeant First Class in 3rd Recon. As an NCO he would lead a small fire team for the squad. He first sees Itami when he observes Itami and Kurata running.

Akira and Bozes, a member for the Pina's knight envoy, have a forbidden relationship after they meet each other. At the end of the story, Bozes became pregnant and would later give birth to their daughter, Mai.

Skills & Abilities

Basic Training: Like all JSDF personnel, Tomita has undergone basic physical and combat training. He is good physical condition and is a competent marksman.

Ranger Training: Tomita is Ranger certified, meaning he has passed unconventional warfare and wilderness survival course. While not as demanding as Special Forces training, it still requires the high degrees of physical and psychological fitness to complete.

Airborne Training: Tomita has also completed airborne training, and is trained in the use of parachutes, as well as combat behind enemy lines. He is revealed to be a skydiving instructor.

Attack Dog Handling: Tomita used to handle attack dogs in the JSDF.



  • He is the only JSDF member so far to violate the rule of not having sex with the people in the Special Region.
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